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Established 02/14/2016 

TAJ ART INC is the art studio gallery & garden of artist painter, illustrator, designer, poet, musician, and teacher Trace Anne Johansson.

Structured as a benefit corporation, it raises awareness and educates the public about animal welfare issues and proceeds are donated to animal welfare groups, hoping to eventually generate more conscious daily decisions that can help support the planet and its inhabitants. 


Visitors will experience both a high-end art studio gallery, as well as a focus on real-world pressing issues; The experience is meant to bring something meaningful to the dialogue of art. Expanding the audience for art and animal lovers alike, TAJ ART endeavors to become a destination and an educational center where collectors and non-collectors can experience art for home and garden, take classes, hear artist lectures and enjoy music.
















Trace Anne is the creator of TAJ ART INC. She has been a working artist since being a graduate obtaining a BFA from Art Center College of Design with an emphasis in illustration, painting and drawing, achieving honor-roll, Trace understands the unique mind-set of artists and understands artistic aesthetics that makes art coveted and collected. She specializing in depictions of fairy-like humans and animals in daily life and in the magical natural world.

Influenced by art nouveau, art deco, victorian and of spiritual subjects depicting the embrace of animal-human bonds.


Her music is sentimental with psychedelic, dream-avant-pop undertones in her band duo. Her abstract paintings, illustrations, music and poetry of humans and animals alike, influenced by Victorian Transcendentalism and Spiritualism, are moody and inspiring, depicting animal-human bonds and their relationship to the environment. She is interested in addressing anima, love, dignity, compassion, altruistic social responsibility, and the spiritual awareness of it all, believing animals are sentient, conscious creatures that live in a state of awareness of being; closer to the source as creatures of being. 

Trace’s work is exhibited and collected internationally. Her paintings are found in galleries and private collections of corporations, celebrities to non-profit organizations. With additional studies at Pitzer College, she accepted an internship in poetry with poet-laureate of the USA. She is trained and certified in Interpretative Nature Education, Ananda Mediation and Yoga, and Healing Touch for Animals in Energy Medicine further supporting her belief in the

animal-human bond.


, Special Events and Meeting Management from UCSD, also a Certified Staging Professional and licensed Real Estate Investor, and certified and blessed in Ananda Meditation and Yoga, holding also a Metaphysical Minister License. A designated meditation group leader for the Ananda community worldwide here at TAJ • ART, she believes that meditation is for the seeker to attain high levels of consciousness, bringing joy to the heart and mind for human-kind and animals alike.


“Loosely bound By countless silken ties of love and thought To everything on earth the compass round.” 

Robert Frost