"Standing on the bare ground,--my head bathed by the blithe air, and uplifted into infinite space,--all mean egotism vanishes. I become a transparent eye-ball."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Current Exhibitions

Welcome to our magical fine art exhibitions on display.

At TAJ • ART A portion of proceeds are given to help animals through animal charities.



















Artist & Aesthete Director,

Founder TAJ • ART

Trace Johansson has been creating fine art for private homes and commercial spaces since before a graduate from Art Center College of Design. Featured in galleries, magazines, and the Natural History Museum of San Diego she depicts the warranted respect of human-animal bonds in relation to the environment, believing animals are sentient, conscious creatures that live in a spiritual state of awareness of being. 














David Diaz won the The Caldecott Medal, the most distinguished American picture book for children award, for illustrating ‘Smoky Night’ by Eve Bunting. He is American illustrator and artist also known for numerous award-winning books for children books such as The Wanderer by Sharon Creech, which received a Newbery Honor; and Me, Frida by Amy Novesky, a Pura Belpré Honor Award winner.











Mike Kelley is a multi-media artist, a Graduate from Art Center College of Design, who has long been in the LA art scene. He created JUNC Gallery trendsetting it in Silver Lake before it was occupied by the masses. Talented with delicate watercolor paintings of abstracted landscapes and illustrations, innovative and keen in the world of graphic design, he has worked for local so cal vegan companies all the way to M&M, Nestle, Target, just to name a few.











Steve Farrow's colorful paintings of vintage toys and American culture rendered in acrylic and oil paints on wooden panels, with techniques he gained from attending Art Center, extend beyond the paintings edges. With this exhibition Farrow's depiction of nostalgic Americana is meant to invoke fond memories of our childhoods. His images are whimsical and meant to be fun in a world that is not a perfectly pleasant place, he creates the ideal and happy aspects of it.









Jennifer Faist is an abstract painter, she creates patterns and decorations that meets finish fetish. Her work embraces patterns of vintage and cultural pasts, exhibiting in many shows. She received honorable mention and the President’s Award from Claremont Graduate University where she attended. In addition, she has been reviewed in the LA Weekly and is a writer for many art journals and catalogs.











Lillian Abel's paintings are an exploration of the space between abstraction and representation. Her compositions suggest forms that are present and forms that are absent, layers that hide and reveal. Out of disorder comes order, out of darkness comes light, out of time to present, from ignorance to enlightenment. Her work depicts Nature. She is in the documentary on her work with homeless artists at humblebeauty.com, and a Graduate of Ohio University.


Steve Seleska's reactions between acrylic, resin, latex rubber and other compounds hold evidence of interconnectedness and reflect transformation. His subject matter combines the representational and the abstract, the beautiful and the grotesque. The work is meant to consider the complicated human connection with the cosmos, specifically our use and repeatedly our abuse of the physical earth around us. He lives in Los Angeles's East Side working with various galleries for installations, art and custom floor surfaces.


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