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Mobeen Ansari

Pakistan, My Home Country


Curated by Michael Fritzen

Pakistan, My Home Country by Mobeen Ansari examines the faces, cities, and natural landscapes of Pakistan over the last 10 years, illustrating the variety of cultures, the unique beauty of the terrain, and the many countries within this little known country. This timely, eye-grabbing collection explores contemporary Pakistan and peels back the misconceptions the West  believes of this beautiful country.


Mobeen Ansari is a photojournalist, painter, filmmaker, author, and sculptor based in Islamabad, Pakistan. A graduate of National College of Arts in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, his mission is to promote a positive and often unseen side of his country through his photographs. Challenged with loss of hearing at a very early age, Mobeen has always been observant of his surroundings and translates those visually through different mediums.



WHAT: Works by Pakistani Photojournalist Mobeen Ansari

WHEN: Sunday, November, 4, 2018

TIME: 4 - 7 PM


Music by Tisa Adamson and Randy Ray Mitchell


Gallery Director & Founder Trace Johansson

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