Pets and Wildlife

Avoiding conflicts by taking precautions to live in Harmony 

Our animals that live with us are a big part of our families. Birds-of-Prey, Rattlesnakes and Coyotes, Cars and other Dogs are serious threats and take the lives of these precious animals. Coyotes that live near cities and towns do kill dogs and cats.


People get upset and mourn when dogs and cats killed by coyotes as they are family members. There is a coyote family living in your neighborhood, but usually you never see them. What do you suggest be done to keep coyotes from killing neighborhood pets? Start by following the steps listed here.

"Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insaine by those who could not hear the music"

Friedrich Nietzsche

Here are some steps you can take to reduce the chance of human-coyote conflicts, confilcts with other dogs and dangers; the same general precautions also apply to Birds-of-Prey and Rattlesnakes:


  • Walk your dog on a leash and accompany your pet outside; dusk, night and morning coyotes are most active, but are out during day as well. Do not allow pets to run free at anytime, even day! Coyotes are out all times of day and night. Do not lose sight of any and all dogs or cats, coyotes, rattlesnakes, and birds-of-prey will appear from nowhere to swiftly grab your dog or cat, large dogs will be lured into a pack and killed; coyotes are hardly ever seen, and are nicknamed ‘tricksters’.

  • Remind yourself there is a ‘leash law’ to protect you and your pets from other dogs, coyotes, birds-of-prey, rattlesnakes, strangers, poisonous edibles, and cars; dogs have an instinct that overrides any loyalty or training, they can dart unexpectedly and be hit by cars, or attacked by other dogs; be cautious of coyotes, birds-of-prey and cars when freely roaming streets so always use a leash, it’s the law!

  • Keep small pets such as cats, rabbits, and small dogs indoors, especially at night, but coyotes are active and hunt during the day, they are easy, favored prey. Coyotes have been known to be responsible for a large number of cat and dog disappearances in a single residential neighborhood. They have been known to attack dogs on leashes as well, always be aware of your surroundings. Invest in a dog and cat kennel, it will be your best investment ever! Not only does it help with behavioral issues, kennels save not only your pets life but other wildlife.

  • Fencing should be at least 6-8 feet high with the bottom extending 6 inches below ground level for best results, try adding roller bars to the tops, adding rattlesnake mesh or concrete 2-3 feet above and below fencing in the ground to prevent rattlesnakes from coming into your yard or preventing coyotes from digging and getting under fencing; coyotes climb fences swiftly to attack dogs and cats left outside, and will climb fences 8 feet high, so do not leave pets outside even in yards, always supervise they do not interact with wildlife!

  • Bird feeders should be positioned so that coyotes can’t get the feed. Coyotes are attracted by bread, table scraps, fruit and even seed. They may also be attracted by birds and rodents that come to the feeders and fruit trees; eliminate sources of water, particularly in dry climates. Secure trash cans. Watch for snakes around steps, pots, creviced walkways, hillsides. Feed pets indoors.