Ralph Waldo Emerson
Secret Garden

Meditation Labyrinth 

The Secret Garden surrounds the Studio Gallery. The spaces include a Meditation Labyrinth, and are ideal for quiet contemplation and rejuvenation, as well as magical music, fundraising, and art events. See the natural wildlife living amongst the Native and English garden, fruit trees, and meditative labyrinth, all designed by Trace.

Trees surround a vintage wood carved veranda imported from the east, and historic cottage craftsman buildings circa 1920.

Her garden is a Certified National Wildlife Federation sanctuary.

Angels and ascended masters watch over the grounds with sentient creatures by their sides. Step lightly, fairies, pixies and gnomes underfoot!

“Welcome, welcome little stranger,

Fear no harm, and fear no danger;

We are glad to see you here,

For you sing "Sweet Spring is near."

Now the white snow melts away;

Now the flowers blossom gay:

Come dear bird and build your nest,

For we love our robin best.” 

Louisa May Alcott
Angel Native Plants Garden
Plants in the corridor of the Courtyard 
Golden Gates leading to the Secret Meditation Labyrinth Gardens
Courtyard Garden
The 3- Point Circuit Cross Labyrinth and Spiritual Ananda Meditation Space
Meditation Labyrinth
California Scrub-Jay Blue Jay in the Secret Meditation Labyrinth Gardens
Certified by the National Wildlife Federation
Blue Jay Bird Wildlife
Sculptures and English and Native Plants
in the Secret Meditation Labyrinth Gardens
Angel Animals Roses Garden